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Rita’s Christmas December 25, 2021, in the high Andes, of Peru at 15,900’

Photo #1. These are the people of the adopted village of Parpay, building four new classrooms. Notice, at the top of this photo is the recently completed Hope Projects classroom. This will be a K-12 school for 250+ students.

Photo #2. In the center of the photo meet Rita, the mother of 4 children, all school-age from 6 to 11 years old. Note, Rita is smiling as she wheels one of Hope Projects’ wheelbarrows moving dirt from digging the foundation).

Photo #3. Rita is still smiling as she dumps her dirt load on a pile that will later be made into adobe blocks.

The closest school is over 20 miles away by walking trails. Rita and all of the villagers have never had a school to attend-thus the smile of a grateful mother to those who donated money to Hope Projects.

No lights, no Christmas tree with presents under it, no singing about frosty the snowman, no stockings hanging, no Santa Clause, but a grateful mother and her villagers for those American donors who shared with them the true meaning of Christmas. From villagers 3-mile in the sky at nearly 17,000’ elevation, “Thank you, we know God sent you to us to answer a 500-year-old prayer for help from of being forgotten and helping us to help ourselves out of poverty and bring us hope for a better future”.

Note: These classrooms along with the one classroom which is nearly finished that you can see in photo #1, will be dedicated in June 2022.

A Happy New Year from our villagers, Ella and me, from the tops of the everlasting mountains. Thank you for your support.

Jerry Simons, President

Simons Says Foundation: Hope Projects.

January 1, 2022

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