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Hope Projects, the Recipient of the 2023 Presidential Humanitarian Service Award

We have big news to share! Recently, Simon Says Foundation and the Hope Projects was awarded the 2023 Peruvian Presidential Humanitarian Service Award.

Over 700 villagers from several villages turned out for the awarding of the 25-year Presidential Humanitarian Award on October 4, 2023.

We are happy to celebrate decades of service and saving thousands of lives through our collective efforts. More importantly, however, through our combined efforts, we have been able to bring hope to tens of thousands of the unfortunate and all-too-often forgotten. Our projects (several of which are shown below) help poverty-stricken individuals help themselves.

We ask that during this Holiday Season, you consider donating to Hope Projects. Now until January 7th, our Board of Directors will still match dollar for dollar all donations that are made to Hope Projects. That means if you donate enough money for a milk cow, we will match your donation and purchase two cows.

This is our only fundraiser for the year. If you log onto our website at you can download our gift catalog for suggestions for gifts to your friends and family for Christmas or the holidays.

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