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Our approach is holistic and long-term.


Our greatest success comes when we work with a village in multiple ways over a 4-year time period. When we combine clean water systems, schools, small medical facilities, greenhouses, mother education, and better animal husbandry; miracles happen. But, before taking on a village, we want to be assured that we have the funding to serve them in the long-term and never abandon them.


One way to help is as a total family, school or business group. Commit to a long-term, sustained support of a village. Come together and commit $208 per month for four years or $100 a month to partner with another group. Then we are in a position to confidently take on a new village as our partner.


Presently we have many villages that have requested our help. Our only limitation is funding.

This family is counting their pennies, nickels and dimes to purchase building materials for a three-room school house for a very poor village they are sponsoring in the high Andes of South America. This family saved their pocket change, held cake sales, car washes, mowed lawns, babysat, pulled weeds, cut firewood, and earned over $7780 in the past four years.


Their money provided building materials for a clean water system for a village of over 5400 people, four greenhouses to raise vegetables in the winter, a three-bed medical clinic, and several animals. We invite donors to attend the dedication ceremonies of completed projects in mid-June. Projects in progress are posted on our website and in monthly newsletters.

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