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• Walls made from adobe mud and straw or long grass

• Grass roof

• Cooking done on small open fire inside the house

• Dirt floor

• Small animals live inside the home with the people

• Dishes, pots, and pans are stored on the floor

• Food is stored on the floor

• Families sleep on the dirt floor or hammock

• No potable water in the home, necessitating being carried by hand to the home

• No glass or plastic windows, thus no light

• Cloth or boards for door

• Animals in yard walking in mud and manure

• Home full of deadly smoke from the cooking fire, and causing poisonous creosote to cover walls and ceilings

• Clothes piled on the floor

• No toilet, just a pit someplace in the yard

• No sidewalk or paths around the home



• Walls/ceiling plastered – covers deadly creosote from open cooking fires in the home

• Cement tile roof made in our tile factory

• A smokeless stove that vents outside the home

• Cement + mud flooring

• Animals out of the house/yard and into pens or stables

• Food in cabinets that they build

• Clothes hung in small closets that they build

• Dishes, pots & pans in cupboards that they build

• Skylight in the ceiling of kitchen/living room

• 6mm plastic film in windows

• A door at the entrance of the house

• Crushed rocks for sidewalk

• Latrine built for bathroom

• Clean water nearer to houses

• Local plants growing in the yard

• Platform bed built to get family off the floor With a New Health Home the death rate is reduced up to 75% in the first two years after the transformation from the old home to the new home.


Cost $250 - $350

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