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Eating guinea pig is a tradition dating back to the early Inca civilization period in the 1200’s. A mature guinea pig of this breed is the same size as a full-grown rabbit. The gestation period is four months and a female can have four sets of offspring each year.


Today the guinea pig is a delicacy and not affordable to the poor. An adult guinea pig sells for between $5 and $10 depending upon its weight. The materials for a guinea pig farm is given to six families. After it is completed 100 baby guinea pigs are given to start the process. The first crop of guinea pigs is created in 5 months and then every four months after.


The families are instructed not to eat any of the guinea pigs. After one year, half of the guinea pigs are sold and half of the money is used to re-pay Hope Projects for the building material and the baby guinea pigs. After approximately two years the guinea pig income has paid for the farm. Hope Projects then takes that money and gives it to another set of families to build a farm of their own. Over the past 10 years over 1500 guinea pig farms have been built.


Help the poor help themselves by providing the building material for a family to start a guinea pig farm. This will start the chain reaction that will go on and on. A guinea pig farm generates from $100 per month after one year and $250 a month after two years.


These guinea pig farms build pride and self-reliance in people who have had no hope in their future. Half of the net profit is used to repay the cost of the original farm after which the money is used to help another family build a farm. This is the first time anyone in the village has had an opportunity to earn money for themselves and the village. From their Inca culture the people learned to share whatever they have and collectively own with other members of the village.


Guinea pig barn/ with metal roof and pens ....................................$1500


8 pair of guinea pigs(16 pair needed) ............................................$100

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