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Once you have become a donor,

come with us to the Andes to see your contribution's impact.

Each June, a group of donors travels to Peru to walk shoulder to shoulder with the villagers. It's a life-changing opportunity to witness the impact of your donation and lend a hand in offering hope and optimism.


Our week-long tour will take you to see the schools, small-scale enterprises, wells and reservoirs, developed family gardens, and health clinics that you have helped to fund.


In addition to seeing projects that are under construction, you'll participate in the dedication ceremonies of recently completed projects and see the joy they bring. 


Remember, all the work is performed by the villagers to give them a feeling of self-respect and so that they can know how to maintain the work they've done.


Ensure that 100% of donations make it to the people

In addition to touring the villages and projects, you'll have the opportunity to take a day trip to the ruins of Machu Picchu. The side trip is optional, but adds a rich cultural experience to your expedition in Peru. As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, visiting this unique landmark is both memorable and transformative. 

Mark Your Calendar!

The expedition for any participating donor will be June 8th - 15th, 2023. A participating donor is anyone who has donated money to Hope Projects from $50 for a flock of chickens to the adoption of a new poor village for $200 per month for 4 years. Please refer to our Catalog here on our website for over 40 different projects you can contribute toward. 


High Andes Expedition - $3,495

The cost of the expedition is comprehensive. We make all necessary arrangements for the week in Peru, including travel and stay accommodations. Because of the nature of the trip, an expedition is completely IRS approved tax deductible. We ask that a $1,000 non-refundable down payment be made upfront and that the full payment is made by January 1 of the year you're traveling. 


Side Trip to Machu Picchu Ruins - $500

A day of sightseeing at the end of the expedition offers a rich cultural experience that enhances the entire expedition. This optional trip is priced separately as it would not be tax deductible. 





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