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Hope Projects $1 for $1 matching

From Sept 1, to Dec 31, 2021, all donations will be matched, $1 for $1, by the Hope Projects board of directors!

HOPE PROJECTS’ mission statement comes from the poor we help: “I was hungry and you gave me seeds, materials for a green house, and direction to feed myself; I was thirsty and you gave me materials to build a clean water system; I was naked and you gave me sheep & llamas to make wool and a loom so I could clothe myself; I was sick and you gave medicine and taught me how to live healthy; I was ignored and you made feel important by love and encouragement; I was ignorant and you gave me a teacher and materials to build a school; I was discouraged and you lit the spirit from within, taught me that I was a special child of God, and that I could make a better life for myself, my family, and my community; I prayed for help and you answered my prayers; I was without hope and you gave me a way to help myself”.

As we move into the fall and holiday season our thoughts begin turning toward this wonderful time of the year of harvests, giving, and being with friends and families. We give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy as Americans. Please give serious consideration as you start to think of what gift we want to purchase for your special someone’s, to consider giving a gift of one of the 42 Hope Projects in their honor. A gift like $50 for baby chickens, or a pair of goats for $250, or medical supplies for a village medical clinic for $500, or village clean water system for $2,400 will allow you to hear the poor say towards you, “I was hungry and you gave me seeds, materials for clean water system, ... I was without hope and you gave me a way to help myself”. Your donation will save lives, bring hope to the poor, and honors your special someone. What better gift can you give to another human being than the gift of hope and the means for a better life through their hard work?

From September 1, thru December 31, 2021, all donations will be matched, $1 for $1, by the Hope Project board of directors. This means that the $50 you give for a flock of chickens becomes two flocks of chickens, money for building materials clean water system donated in the honor of your mother, becomes two village clean water systems. Did you know a clean water system will drop the death rate by 70% in 2 years? This holiday season give a gift that keeps on giving and give a gift from the Hope Projects Gift Catalog. Our catalog is available on our website at in the upper right-hand corner pull-down. Please mail your check to: HOPE PROJECTS, 717 Bigler Lane, Midway, UT 84049, or to use your Credit Card by calling Nancy Simons at 801 830-8812. Remember 100% of your donation will go where you say, since the board of directors pays for all overhead. Thank you in advance for your 20 years of support in helping over 623,000 very poor people in the high Andes of South America in 175 villages, who have been ignored by their government and the world for over 500 years. Please help us bring hope to the poor who want to work themselves out of poverty. This is a winning combination in helping the poor help themselves. Remember all donations are 100% tax-deductible and matched $1 for $1 donated. Thanks for your support of Hope Projects helping the poor help themselves have hope or a better future.

Dr. Jerry Simons, President

The Simons Says Foundation’s: Hope Projects

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