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We'll Double Your Sept, Nov, & Dec Donations

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

From Hope Projects 2021

I have chosen these three photos for our Hope Projects Christmas card. Even though all of these photos were taken during the past December, there are no lists for Santa Claus, or holly with red berries, or pretty colored balls on a lighted Christmas tree jammed with presents at its base.

The little girl on the left is holding everything she owns in the world, no shoes and a broken doll without any arms or legs. She lives at 14,387’ elevation where the night air is about 36 degrees and the daytime temperature may get up to about 50 degrees. She will celebrate Christmas wet, cold, and without any shoes since it is now the rainy season. The little boy in the middle is a Cusco City street orphan going through the trashcan looking for something to eat or maybe an aluminum can he can sell for a penny. He will celebrate Christmas going from can to can just trying to stay alive. The two children on the right have just been given a piece of bread by Cesar our in-country supervisor, something they have never had before since their diet is only potatoes.

Hope Projects provided the little girl with some shoes and a new doll and we arranged for the little boy to be given a home in one of our orphanages. The two children with the bread now enjoy a greenhouse to help provide them and other villagers with healthy foods besides potatoes.

All of these children were blessed by donations from the many donors here in the United States. However, these children are the rare exception rather than the rule. There are simply thousands of children we do not have money to help.

Again this year we are coming to you asking for your donation to assist us in helping these wonderful poor people who are working so hard to help themselves have a better life. At present Hope, Projects has an ongoing project in over 150 villages, which are helping over 500,000, forgotten people living in the high Andes of South America help themselves out of poverty by doing all of the labor. During the months of October, November, and December our board of directors will match dollar for dollar all donations that are made to Hope Projects. That means if you donate enough money for a milk cow, we will match your donation and purchase two cows. This is our only fundraiser for the year. If you log onto our website at you can download our gift catalog for suggestions for gifts to your friends and family for Christmas or the holidays.

Also if you click on the “Village Projects” tab you can see how donated money has been used over the past ten years. 100% of your donation is used as you direct and if there is work required, such as building a school classroom or medical clinic, the villagers perform all of the labor. Hope Projects provides the building materials, a little direction, and a good deal of encouragement.

Your donation will save a life or bring true hope into the life of a person, family, and community. We at Hope Projects thank you for the generous donations and support you have given to us in past years. Get your family involved and pool your dimes and dollars. Last year a 15-year-old girl raised over $1800 to provide an entire village with a clean water system. During this last year, we had many families combine resources from the grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, and sisters to build schools houses, medical clinics, farm animal pairs, water systems, and over 25 other Hope Projects gifts.

You can give a gift to honor a special someone. They will receive a beautiful card acknowledging your gift in their honor and you will also receive a card explaining which village your gift will be supporting. Hope Projects is an IRS-approved 501©3 tax-exempt charity and your donation is 100% tax-deductible. Send your donations to Hope Projects, 717 Bigler Lane, Midway, Utah 84049 before December 31, 2021, for it to be matched, or call Nancy at 801 830-8812 to use your credit card

Thank you for your support and may you have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.

Dr. Jerry Simons, President Hope Projects

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