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Strawberries & Vegetables at 16,500’. No Way! Yes…Way!!

That is the conversation which I had three years ago with the Peruvian Minister of Agriculture. The timberline is about 14,000’ and he said greenhouses at the timberline are a waste of time and money. Our villagers have again found that not only do our greenhouses do well at high altitudes, but we do not have nearly the problem with insects and other critters. Our vegetables and strawberry, as you can see from the photo below, do well and are very easy to maintain. The biggest challenge is getting the produce to the market since it takes from 5 to 7 hours one way to go to and from our greenhouse. Construction cost is very similar to lower elevations.

We need more donations and remember all donations are matched dollar for dollar by our board of directors. For $1500 our villagers can build and purchase all of the special plumbing supplies and seeds to an 18’ x 35’ greenhouse.

Log onto our website and download one of our catalogs of gift projects you can purchase in honor of someone special and your life for Christmas. We have projects from $50 for a flock of chickens to $208 per month to adopt an entire village over a four-year period. Suggest that family members select a family-wide gift and pool their donations as a family project. Hope Projects is the only organization that helps these forgotten people, especially at these high altitudes.

100% of all donations got to where you asked and 100% of our overhead is paid by our board of directors. 100% of the labor on all projects is provided by the villagers. Send your donations to Hope Projects, 717 Bigler Lane, Midway, Utah, or call Nancy at 801 830-8812 if you would like to use a credit card or use PayPal on our website.

- Dr. Jerry Simons

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