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Christmas Presents you can’t put under the Tree

The school in the center will be finished and dedicated in December and was built by the parent of these children from this and surrounding villages. All of the building materials and supplies for this two-room schoolhouse came from Hope Projects’ donors throughout the United States of America. Not one penny of these donated funds was used to pay the overhead for the foundation. All of the money donated was 100% tax-deductible and was matched dollar for dollar by our board of directors.

We need your help again this year so that we can help the poor who have been ignored by their own country and the world for over 500 years. Each year during October, November, and December all of the funds donated are matched dollar for dollar by the Hope Projects Board of Directors. With your donations, farm animal pairs and building materials are purchased to help the poor in these villages help themselves out of poverty. Every other of the offspring animals is given to another poor family to raise. The poor then provide all of the labor for school classrooms, clean water systems, medical clinics, and 39 other ongoing projects in one of our 175 villages.

Send your donations to Hope Projects, 717 Bigler Lane, Midway, Utah 84049 or call Nancy Simons at 801-830-8812 to use your credit card. Log on to and see examples of our projects that you can donate in the honor of your special someone and your donation will be matched by our board of directors. You can download a project catalog right from our website or contact me at and we will send you a catalog. In our catalog, you will see four pages of completed projects by the villagers. Our projects help over 500,000 forgotten people in the high Andes of South America.

Blessings and love to you all,

Dr. Jerry Simons

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