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Enable the people to become self-reliant

Maintain the integrity of the villages and people

Our aim is to 

Save lives through education and sanitation

Ensure that 100% of donations make it to the people

Our approach is holistic. We transform lives.

Rather than fix problems temporarily, we empower the people of Andean villages to change for good.

The people of the high Andes live in critical conditions. Isolated from the modern world, they are quickly becoming extinct as they rely only on primitive tradition, with little understanding of basic sanitation, healthy diet, or medicine.


These indigenous people are hard working and want to better their way of life, but they do not have access to the materials and resources necessary for improving their situation. That's where we come in.

Together, we work with villages for four years to ensure that we're reducing death, teaching valuable skills, educating the population on sanitation, farming, and basic first aid, and teaching them how to perpetuate their progress.

They need your help to complete these life-saving projects and restore hope among the villages. 

different projects you can get involved in.

Pick a project that's meaningful to you and we ensure that your choice is honored.

lives we've affected in the Andes.

These mountain villages are home to a people who've been abandoned by their country and they need you.

we've paid to charity employees from donations.

We believe that every cent you donate should go to the cause - so it does. We have no paid employees in the United States.

villages we're helping in the high Andes.

Come with us to Peru, lend a hand in bringing hope, and see how your donation is being used.


We always recommend getting involved with Hope Projects as a family, business, or organization! Come together in a team effort with the common goal of changing and saving lives in the high Andes.


Whether you fund the completion of a single project or you divide the cost of sponsoring an orphan or adopting a village, this is a unique way to be united together in an honorable cause - with your colleagues or your cousins.

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