• Hope Projects Team

What can I say?

What can I say to encourage you and members of your family to share part of Christmas giving with a very poor part of the human family?

What can I say to convey that your donation will actually save the life of another human being?

What can I say to describe the deplorable living conditions of the people we help in the high Andes and the Amazon Basin?

What can I say to convince you that these poor people need our help and will provide all the labor to build their own schools, clean water systems, medical clinics, green houses, stables etc., while Hope Projects will provide all of the building materials and/or farm animal pairs and a little direction for these projects?

What can I say to remind you that your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by the Hope Projects board of directors during November and December?

What can I say to help you understand that these poor people have never received any help from any other organization, from their own country, or from anyone in the whole world other than Hope Projects?

What can I say to persuade you to partner with Hope Projects to add more villages to the 143 villages that currently affect over 500,000 forgotten people?

What can I say to the 227 villages that passed the test of making 5000 adobe blocks, leveling the ground, and obtaining the signatures of 100% of the people who agree to provide all of the labor if Hope Projects will provide the building material and/or the farm animal pairs?

Without your donation, I’ll have to say “We can’t help you yet”.

What can I say to you so you will know that your donation will answer a prayer that these poor people have been praying for over 500 years for someone to help? ….Remember “God’s work, village workers hands, and American donated money” is a formula that helps the poor help themselves. A clean water system, and washing hands before eating and after going to the bathroom, will reduce the death rate by up to 80% in one year after we adopt a village. We stay with each village for 4 years.?

What can I say to have you log onto WWW.HOPEPROJECTS.COM to see over 100 actual examples of completed village projects and be convinced that 100% of your donation is used on the projects and the overhead is paid by the board of directors?

What can I say to make it clear that your Hope Projects is a 100% approved 501 c3 IRS charitable organizations and your donation can be deducted from your taxes?

What can I say to pass on the heartfelt thanks of the people in 143 villages whose lives have been blessed by your donation of the past?

What can I say to help you understand the joy and happiness your donations bring to this people who have no money, have only potatoes to eat, and have to work 16 hours a day 365 days a year just to stay alive?

What can I say? God bless you who have given of your self to help these wonderful poor people who without your spirit of giving and sharing would not be alive today to experience true hope and happiness!

From the Hope Projects board of directors and our South American staff we would like to thank you for your support that allows our organization to bless the lives of over 500,000 forgotten children of God.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. REMEMBER donation received during November and December will be match dollar for dollar.

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