Hope Project Results

 There are 3 ways to view Hope Project Results:

ONLINE: Click on the Villages tab above and pull up a village and watch the progress
of the projects. You can also donate to projects on line for yourself or someone special in your life.

PERSONAL TESTIMONY: Talk to someone who has donated and or has been to the Andes to see completed projects and those in progress. Call Hope Project at 435.671.8000 for individuals you may contact.

TRAVEL TO THE HIGH ANDES AND SEE YOUR DONATION: Each June a small group of donors participate in the dedication of completed projects or visit one of our projects under construction. Traveling the South American high Andes to view HOPE PROJECTS is completely tax deductible. (Side trips we take are not tax deductible)

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Completed Projects
Water Systems Bathrooms & Septic Systems
Primary Schools Secondary Schools
Primary Schools
Libraries Technical Colleges
Libraries Technical Colleges
Fish Farms Farm Animals
Fish Farms
Concrete Block Factory Jewelry Factory
Concrete Block Factory Jewelry Factory
Kitchens Reservoirs
Bridges Village Health Worker Training
 Health Worker Training
Family Farm USA Hope House
Family Farm USA Hope House
Women's Organization Factory

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Womens Organization Factory


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The little Street Girl by Dr. Jerry Simons On the equator the sun comes up and goes down a...

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The Story of Ruth by: Dr. Jerry Simons Stories fly out of the newspaper and the television ...

Three Room School Three Room School
Here the villagers are preparing the site where their first ever school will be built. This vi...

Newest Projects:

Other Projects
The people who live in Ccorca are over a two days walking journey from the nearest medical out-...

Farm Animal Donation
Now that the school is finished, the children are still having to use the outside school yard a...